Wisdom of the Druze

1.  Try to catch the divinity in everything and in every moment. To create a sacred experience, you need to set up the right conditions. Try to decrease your awareness of earthly matter by taking care of yourself and respecting what’s needed. For example, never let yourself get so hungry that you become distracted by it.

2.  Paradise without people should not be entered because it is hell.

3.  Do your work with the poor looking over your shoulder. That is, consider how your ethics and actions would be viewed by the less fortunate.

4.  Without being asked or told, become aware of the needs of your neighbor and provide generously for those needs whether they be for moral support or material assistance.

5.  If you obey God, people will obey you.

6.  Nobility lies in giving, not in taking. – al-Sayyid

7.  “Put something into the two bags” (hitt fi al-khirj) became a well-known expression. This comes from a story about a famous Druze shaikh who would ride from village to village with two sacks. If he saw a poor person he’d say “Take what you need.” If rich, he’d say, “Put something into the two bags.”

8.   Take the middle way – most things in moderation (from Aristotle’s The Golden Mean). This allows the body and soul to unite on earth, providing us more freedom.

9.  Live and let live, with respect to other faiths and cultures. Don’t evangelize.

10.  Pythagorus believed that God is best known and worshipped in absolute silence.

11.  True belief is that which comes from the heart and can endure troubled times. – Druze manuscripts, perhaps in anticipation of a long, covert period for their faith.

12.  Thoughts constitute your state of existence…what you think and do in every moment creates your immediate future if not your next life.

13.  Don’t do anything inconsistent with your dignity.

14.  Wisdom is a cultivated attitude toward life.

15.  In this world, it is better to lose some of what is yours than to take what is not.