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“It warms my heart to see young people I have known succeeding at what they love to do. And for you, I think it has always been writing, telling a story that will make a difference in the lives of others. I am happy to influence you in some way as you travel along this path…I am also happy to pass the torch of leadership in women’s affairs to young women such as you. The struggle continues. We must never rest on our laurels…I wish much success with this book and hope you will have many more to come.”

Jehan Sadat, Ph.D., former First Lady of Egypt


“I am grateful to people like Amy Logan who use their skills to draw attention to the miserable position of women living in the Honor Killing Zone. Her book, The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice, contributes to that ongoing challenge to expose the culture and the complex context in which this abuse takes place.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of Time Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential People in the World 2005, courageous promoter of women’s rights in the Muslim world, former Dutch parliamentarian, author of The Caged Virgin and Infidel, and founder of the AHA Foundation.


“Amy Logan’s book, The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice, is a must-read for all men and women. In this day and age when we are dealing with honor-based violence globally, The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice clarifies so much of the history and mystery about the roots of honor in tribal cultures. The author has skillfully spun a fictional story full of suspense and tension, but has cleverly woven in facts that she spent a decade investigating.

“In my work as a women’s rights activist, I found The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice to be educational, entertaining and compelling. The characters are very real and speak to the issue very well. Logan’s descriptions of the landscape are accurate and her writing is well-crafted.

“If one reads her background on the website of the book, it explains a lot about her intent to write the book and this is perhaps the first of its kind that I have read.

“In my travels and talks about honor-based violence, I take great pleasure in recommending The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice as a book to read if one wishes to understand more about honor. I was also personally fascinated to read about the goddess culture which came as a surprise. The book moves fast and furious and leaves no time for boredom. I read it in one go at an airport and nearly missed my flight — so engrossed I was in finding what happens at the end. It touched me deeply and I stayed awake many nights thinking about the women in the book.”

Raheel Raza, President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, author of Their Jihad – Not My Jihad, women’s rights activist, journalist, featured in the documentary “Honor Diaries”


“Casual beach reading it was not. More like a gripping John Grisham murder mystery page-turner meets Sophie’s World history lesson, all while delivering an Oprah-style ‘power to womenkind’ inspirational message.”

 The Huffington Post


“Despite the intensity of her subject matter, the author fuses exhaustive research on ancient symbols, art and religion to create a gripping page-turner. Well-developed supporting characters add depth and intimacy to Fereby’s noble mission. Logan astutely and sensitively depicts the Druze women as powerful and intelligent characters in spite of their subjugation…A harsh critic of religious doctrines that suppress women, the author highlights some of the sect’s more sublime traditions and beliefs so as to respectfully portray a complete picture of the Druze. Suspenseful, smart and laced with unexpected twists and turns, Logan’s exciting novel offers a haunting portrait of women in repressive cultures who are forced to live as second-class citizens. From the first page, Logan’s thrilling debut novel is an intelligent, intricately layered adventure.”

  • Kirkus Reviews


“I’m so pleased that this incredible book came to my attention. Amy Logan takes the reader on a seamless and thought provoking journey into a world very few can imagine, a world where a staggering number of women and girls are murdered each year, and most tragic of all, murdered by their own family members. While it’s important not to give the story away I will say that as a writer of topics to do with women’s issues, I have been hoping for that one great book on honor killings, the book that will make a difference and will bring change. I believe The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice is that book. Although Amy has written about a most important and serious subject, the book is a genuine thriller, and as I read, I kept hoping to see this very compelling novel turned into a screenplay. The entire world needs to become involved and consider the plague of honor killings and the harm such a custom brings to all of us. We MUST work together to stop this brutality. Only with knowledge will come change and I believe that Amy Logan is taking us all on an important journey. Not only has this author written a very impressive book, but she is putting her research and knowledge to good use in an effort to stop honor killings once and all. Amy Logan is a talented writer and I predict that we’ll be hearing a lot more out of this very impressive author.”

  • Jean Sasson, best-selling author of ten books on women’s issues
    and human rights in the Middle East


“Logan’s debut novel deftly explores honor killing, religious suppression, and the Druze—a Middle Eastern religious sect—as seen through the eyes of an American journalist seeking justice. On assignment in Israel, freelance reporter Fereby McCullough Jones is outraged and grief-stricken when her Druze friend, Leila, is found brutally murdered in what is ruled an accidental death. Believing that the reason for her friend’s death is tied to Leila’s forbidden and provocative paintings, Fereby begins a tumultuous journey to find the truth. The book’s many characters are well drawn, vivid, and, like puzzle pieces, each is essential to the whole. At times the depth of historical detail disrupts the narrative flow, but in the end this thought-provoking tale is part women’s history, part armchair adventure, and an eye-opening investigation of an often hidden world.”

  • Publisher’s Weekly


“Amy Logan’s novel, The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice, brilliantly provides a respectful and in-depth view of the very complex paradigm of honor in honor-based societies of the Middle East, in which women are both victims of and complicit in the perpetuation of a system that fails to uphold the inalienable human rights of women. Her sensitivity in writing about the place in which the story unfolds and the people in it reflects her years of research and dedication to depict a very complex and multi-layered reality that is true to life. Perhaps the most compelling and inspiring part of the novel, though, is the clear message that it is women who have the strength to improve their plight and it is women who must come to the support of other women, no matter at what risk, for the benefit of humanity and our collective future.”

Heidi Basch-Harod, Producer, “Honor Diaries”, Executive Director, Women’s Voices Now


“An important book with a powerful story that places the words ‘divine’ and ‘feminine’ back where they belong: Together.”

  • Sherry Jones, best-selling author of the internationally acclaimed The Jewel of Medina and The Sword of Medina


“…an eye-opening adventure that touched me deeply…the story is rich, the writing is strong and the level of research that went into this book is staggering. This powerful story continues to resonate in my heart long after the last page was turned.”

  • Cheryl Richardson, #1 New York Times best-selling author


“…an un-put-downable literary thriller … The book is Logan’s debut, but it surely won’t be her last.”

  • Dallas Morning News


“A cross between a magic carpet ride and a high-speed car chase, this heart-pounding thriller blends deft prose, cliff-edge story-telling and impeccable research to infuse a modern murder mystery with ancient myths of the sacred feminine.”

  • Anne Cushman, author of  Enlightenment for Idiots,
    one of Booklist’s “Top Ten First Novels” of the year


“This is one of the most powerful – and beautifully written – books I’ve ever read. My hat is truly off to you. Not only do I think this will sell, but I think it will sell big. I was deeply moved by your novel.”

  • Karen Kendall, author of 19 novels published by Avon Books, Harlequin and Signet


“It’s like you’ve dreamt the collective dream…You’ve struck into a vein of gold about the issue of our time…I’m very excited about this book…it’s original, intriguing, compelling…a real page-turner that brings up issues of so much depth. I was sorry when it was over. I hope it’s very successful. You do something so rare – you write from the bottom of your soul – and that takes courage.”

  • Dara Marks, Ph.D.,#1 story consultant ranked by Creative Screenwriting Magazine,
    author, Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc